Hello and thank you for visiting my site! 

Well, I will try to keep it short and interesting for you. I do have plenty of surprises coming up. But for now one step a time. 


I am sure you have many questions for me and my art. In the process I will try to cover main answers in my auto bio description. 

As most of you know I am originally Armenian, was born in Armenia, Yerevan (capital of Armenia) in 1976 in the family of  very talented and highly educated engineers - mathematicians. Now you will ask why I have not chosen the same route, No, Mathematics are not for me. I am more scientific and artistic. 


I remember myself always drawing or painting with coloured pencils and water colours since I was 6 years old. When I was naughty (oh, yes, I was, as any little girl) my mum will stand me in the corner of the room as a punishment for me to rethink my actions and correct myself, but me, instead of being modest and just regretting and thinking over what I have done, I was drawing on the wallpaper… And then, my Mum had to find more carpets and furniture to cover up my masterpieces of my early years; some of them we were discovering years later when we were moving the furniture and positioning my piano. 


I do remember always loving art and music and they both were two different, yet conjoined worlds of my escape till now from our routine. 


I am so grateful to my parents, that they were always encouraging me, motivating all my interests and attractions to the art and music. Thanks to my parents I am qualified pianist after graduating 7 years of music school. I remember always being good in art, getting the highest marks. But I never thought that I will be so drawn to this newly discovered for my inner self world of wonders. It is so difficult to describe the feelings and emotions that overwhelm me when I speak or think about art. It is like an invisible door that everybody else is missing and it is always there for me anytime of the day and night wherever I go and whatever  I do. All I need to do it is just think about art and open that door and that is my own World where everything is balanced even with the strongest contrasts of beautiful colours. Where  I  feel like in the fairy tale land and  I am fairy or more an angel and where I can do anything and let the wings of my desire , passion and creativity to take me away to lift me in the air filled with wonderful scents and colourful sparkles. My Dream world where there are no obstacles and rules, there is no meaning of No, Never, Cant or anything negative, opposite only positive, wonderful and beautiful. 

Where every single touch creates a material and miracle and transforms plain white canvases and paper into piece of art with the meaning and depth. 


I am so grateful that able to discover this world within the world we are living in. I am trying to encourage and motivate every single person who loves art and who says "I am not artistic and cant paint". 

I will argue and will be trying to prove the opposite. Everybody is given the same abilities and feelings, everybody can paint. It is like any other subject at school, but demands devotion, will power and most importantly the desire and wish to actually to paint and create. I hope I am making you believe in your own ability. 

I know this as I am self taught and took me sometime before I started painting and using techniques and discovering techniques that I never even thought about them before. 

Art is one of the World’s greatest subjects or fields where we should not be afraid to let ourselves to relax, not afraid and let our emotions and feelings out by using colours, feelings them, listening our inner selves. That is when we create our true masterpieces, when we open our souls and let them fly freely. 


I remember when I was a med student, after very stressful study days, I will wait till everybody went to bed, so I can sit in the living room and place my headphones and paint. I felt that if one day passes bye that I haven’t painted at least one painting, then I wasted that day of my life. That was amazing, being so exhausted after lectures and studying at home still sacrifice few hours of my sleep and social life to create a painting. That was the feeling of accomplishment and inner happiness, every night before bed. 

Even now thinking about that makes me feel warm inside and have that feeling of my soul calming down after a very long and tiring trip. 


Depending from my mood at that specific moment the choice of the music and subsequently the colours , the subject and style of the painting just creates itself. 

But sometimes I plan ahead if I have an image in my head and I am building the picture in my mind before I transfer that onto the canvas. Anything beautiful inspires me. 

Something I see outside on the street, or a beautiful image that passes in front of my eyes, 

Anything unusual or very usual but only discovered at that specific moment inspires me and becomes a part of my art world. 


You should never be afraid of experimenting and trying different mediums, techniques and styles. The best is just to do what your mind tells you and listen to your soul. 


My paintings all are different, like my mood that can change 100 times in a day. 

Some of them are very bright and vibrant, full of warm colours and light, sunrises and sunsets; others are dark and mysterious with cold colours and telling a story. Seascapes, forest scenes. Portraits of gorgeous little children and adults, some still lifes and flowers, animals and lots of abstracts. When I am asked who are my teachers, I say the nature surrounding us first of all, the beautiful world creating and surrounding us, and then of course Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinchi and many, many others and their masterpieces. 


I have been honoured and lucky to have many exhibition as a member of Art society like Southampton Art Society and SWA- Society of Women Artists, here in Southampton as well as London. Exhibited in Saint Barbs Museum and Art gallery in Lymington, had a long-term display of my paintings in one of the New Forest Hotels, As well I was lucky enough to have my own personal exhibitions. And still planning to have more. 


Because art was not my full-time occupation, as it has started as my hobby at first and then slowly grew into my second specialty, it was very difficult for me to have it ongoing constantly with my other full-time employment in Medicine and  Research. 


Also just recently I was invited to take part in Art Exhibition as one of the judges for Cancer Research UK, where the artists were children from all over the south of Hampshire. 

We had a wonderful Venue filled with excitement, prizes and speeches. 


And also hopefully soon in the spring this coming year will take part once again. 


Meanwhile I will be proud and happy knowing that have painted so far around 1500 paintings and majority are all over the world, almost on every continent and country. 

But more still to come. Please keep an eye on my site where soon I will have some videos and teach you how to paint despite of your age and skill. I will teach you how to paint a painting in one hour and paint anything you would like to be able to. 


Thank you for reading and looking forward to hear from you soon. 


Meanwhile with best wishes, 


Your truly, 

Anna or SANNA