Dr. Anna Tilbury

Anna was born in Yerevan, Armenia in 1976. The daughter of two successful engineers.


Always precocious she started painting when she was six years old on their family’s living room wall; the punishment she received held her back until medical school when she took up her brushes again as a hobby in her free time.


She sought out professional artists in the Vernisaches (Markets) in Yerevan as well as friends student artists at the National Art Gallery and museum of Armenia.


Her second exhibition followed two years later; as a result she was invited to exhibit in Armenia’s National Gallery.


Since then people all over the World have purchased Anna’s oil and watercolours.


Anna has participated and established numerous exhibitions, and has had paintings displayed in the Mall Galleries, London. 


  • First Art exhibition was with young artists at the UN Consular inArmenia.
  • Second was at the Armenia’s National Museum and Art gallery.
  • Third was with Southampton Art Society at the Saint Mary’s Church Southampton
  • Forth was ( the first individual ) personal exhibition in Southampton at the Barley Lodge Hotel.
  • Fifth was with SWA in London,  The Mall Gallery
  • Sixth, ( the second individual ) at the Bartley Lodge Hotel, Southampton.
  • Had permanent display of 8 paintings in Forest Lodge Hotel in Lyndhurst, Southampton.


Has got over 2000 paintings, 500 of them all abroad.(USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Germany, Austria, France and etc .)


Also numerous participations and displays at the Scientific and medical Conferences.

Acted as an honoured Judge for the first time the Young Art Exhibition organised by the Cancer Research UK in March 2011, with the second upcoming very competitive event this spring in March - April 2012. News will be posted and updated closer to the date.