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This is my Art Site initially, Please dont be surprised, as I "wear different hats" from Medical Dr and Physician, Researcher, Scientist, an Artist, Interpreter & Translator, Pianist  to a Model and Actress. My skills and activities are covering a wide range of fields. 


Have a look around and get to know me. To give me an idea of who's been visiting me here, you can write in the guestbook or email me. Do enjoy and Thank you!

Personal Art Exhibition

New Forest, Bartley Lodge Hotel, Southampton, 2003.

Young Art Dorset 2011 Art Exhibition organised by CR UK.

Bounemouth Art College,  Bournemouth, 2011. 

My Participation as a Judge.

Young Art Dorset Art Exhibition organised by CR UK.

Bournemouth Art College, Bournemouth, 2012.

My Participation as a Judge.

Personal Art Exhibition

National Art Gallery and Museum of Armenia, Armenia, Yerevan, 2001



The following video detail the practical experiences of NHS staff working with the first group of RRP 1 approved technologies as they undergo evaluations in the Showcase Hospitals around the country.

 The ChloraPrep® skin decontamination system is designed to provide a gold standard skin preparation system using 2% Chlorhexidine in 70% alcohol solution in a disposable sponge. Dr. Anna Tilbury a Senior Medical Assistant at Southampton University Hospital NHS Trust demonstrates the use and application of each of the ChloraPrep® products, while staff from Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and The Royal Wolverhampton Hospital NHS Trust discuss the usefulness of the product in a clinical setting.

ChloraPrep® - Enturia Ltd.

Showcase Hospitals Product Evaluations